EPlan Lodgements

Twirling NSW

EPlan Lodgements

Lodgement of linen plans for registration at the Land and Property Information Office (LPI) can now be done electronically via eplan. This saves the client the time taken to go and lodge them manually.

The client must provide:

  • the original signed copy of the plan
  • properly signed and executed original of all necessary documents (88b,development contract, management statement etc.)  these should be verified by your solicitor
  • information on where the title is and how it is to be lodged at the LPI.
  • all checklists
  • payment of the LPI fees else the plan will never be registered
  • all documents except the plan must be on A4 size paper

Domenico Zampieri will provide:

  • the electronic lodgement of all necessary documents by eplan except the title (it has to be lodged manually by the client or his/her representative)
  • any amendments that needs to be made to any of the lodged documents (except the plan) the client will be notified so he/she can arrange for the changes to be made , and the amended document brought back to me for relodgement (please note the amended document may have to be resigned).
  • relodgement of any amended document means the relodgement of all the documents not just the amended document.
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