Twirling NSW


All survey work done by this firm is carried out by a Registered Surveyor only. The work includes field work, calculations, preparations and the checking of plans.

By legislation, only Registered Surveyors can certify surveys that deal with the cadastre (boundaries). For further clarification please call the Board of Surveyors on 63328238.

This firm thinks so highly of the role of the Registered Surveyor that it will only send out a field party if a Registered Surveyor leads it. In this firm’s opinion, only when this is the case, can the Registered Surveyor really know what is going on in the field and so check correctly the boundaries, the calculations and drafting of the plan.

This firm also takes pride in showing the actual boundary on all detail surveys it does. If there are any problems with the boundary, it will spell them out and indicate what can be done. Many other firms do not do this (ie. Registered surveyors do not do the field work.) Problems may and do arise when the boundaries are not properly checked before development commences. These would not occur if a registered surveyor had checked the boundaries with the first survey, and had identified any problems and suggested solutions in the first place.

The fees this firm charges for a detail survey are  usually very similar to the fees charged for the surveys offered by other firms who do not investigate the boundary.

When you compare our quote with those of our competitors, be sure to compare “apples with apples” and do not simply compare costs. Pay attention to what you are getting for your money and check that a qualified registered surveyor is actually doing the survey for you.

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